About OTG

About OTG OnTheGo Limited
Founded in 2013, OTG OnTheGo Limited is a business entity that operates under IntelliTech Electronics Enterprises Limited. We distribution of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, videography, photography and outdoor accessories solutions.

OTG OnTheGo Limited has always been a company dedicated to build and enhance the values of the represented brands in the Hong Kong market. Our strong bonds and relationship between brands, distribution network, educational institutions and enterprises allow us to explore the full potential of the brand and the market. While increasing the brand equity and fulfilling the market’s expectation, our team is also in pursuit of becoming more professional and being ahead of the market, providing unrivaled products and services to the customers with a unique and interactive experience.

About IntelliTech Electronics Enterprises
IntelliTech Electronics Enterprises Limited was established in 1999 in Hong Kong. A 100+ well-trained crews spread among 8 business units and our business segments include brand representatives as distributors, retailing, media & corporate solutions for Hong Kong, Macau & China market. Covering industries comprise of unmanned systems, video shooting equipment and accessories, High-end In-ear Audio, Beauty, Health Care, Network Infrastructures and gadgets. We set Mutual Achievement and Sharing Enjoyment as our credo and keeps the ever-growing momentum in every single day.