Unitree B2
Unitree B2
Unitree B2
Unitree B2
Unitree B2

Unitree B2

Unitree B2
Go Beyond the Limits


編輯日期: 07/12/2023

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Unitree B2

Go Beyond the Limits

Lead The Industry Application

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Fastest running industrial-grade quadruped robot at 6m/s

All-rounded to cope with a variety of environments

Excellent terrain adaptability to ensure stable travel on slippery or uneven surfaces.


Climbing stairs as if they were flat.

Excellent sustained stair climbing, effortlessly tackling steps.
Remains extremely stable and balanced when climbing.


170% increase in joint performance with 360 N.m of torque

Extreme performance provids greater flexibility and stability for industrial operations.


Overcoming obstacles. Stable and tough.

Superior obstacle-crossing ability, easy to cross the mess of wood piles, 40cm high platforms and other obstacles


100% increase in sustained load 200% increase in endurance

100% increase in continuous walking with load greater than 40kg;

continuous walking with 20kg load can last for greater than 4 hours with over 15km mileage.

200% increase in endurance;

unloaded continuous walking endurance greater than 5 hours with more than 20km mileage.

Wheeled and Legged Forms

Breaking Through Endurance Limitations

Innovative structural design of the B2 realizes switching between legged and wheeled forms (optional).

Plug-in Battery

Stable and Reliable Autonomous Charging

B2 battery supports quick change and also supports autonomous charging solutions(optional),suitable for a wide range of solutions.


Unitree B2 The Ubiquitous All-around Assistant

Leading Industrial Intelligence in All Scenarios.



Intelligent Power Solutions Industry Application Leader —— Power Inspection



Working on all-terrain like Long Stairs, Rock Piles, Steep Slopes, etc. —— Emergency Rescue


Infrared Scanning 3DMapping Optimized Environmental Perception —— Industrial Inspection


Unitree B2

Brand New Intelligent Species

The comprehensive performance in terms of load, range, motion capability and speed is two to three times that of existing quadruped robots worldwide!


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