Unitree Go1 Edu

Unitree Go1 Edu

Go Wherever you will go


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Light and Compact


Size (Folded): 0.588*0.29*0.22m

High Performance

MaxSpeed ~ 4.7m/s (17km/h)


Adopt Patented Wireless Vector Positioning And Control Technology

1) Robot walks alongside its human master, which is much better than the conventional following mode. Besides, the human-machine interaction is both harmonious and safe.

2)No need to worry about the robot since it's right beside you.

3) Capable of helping robot choosing better route in complex environment.

Super Sensory System

• Full View Coverage
• 5 Sets Fish-eye Stereo Depth Cameras +
Ai Post-processing + 3 Sets Hypersonic
• Lens Angle ~ 150×170°


Built-in Powerful AI

• 16 core CPU + GPU(384Core, 1.5TFLOPS)
•  comparison, the Nvidia TX2 only has CPU (4 cores) +GPU(256Core, 1.3TFlops) with price at 468+dollar.


ISS And SSS Function Cooperatively

Strong & Reliable Power System

New Power Joint With Super Lightweight
Low Noise And Long Life

Heat Pipe Cooling System Built In The Knee Joint Motor

• Body/thigh joints     C1-8: 520g 23.70N.m

• Knee joint               C1-8×1.5ratio 35.55N.m


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