Terrasolid Drone Mapping Software


TerraScan is known to all professionals working with LiDAR data. It is a real multipurpose tool enabling our customers work in both producing the data and getting deliverables for different industries. Deliverables include high quality classified point cloud data or vector data to be used in various engineering and maintenance applications. The UAV version of TerraScan includes everything you need to process your point cloud data.


TerraModeler UAV can create, edit, and visualize terrain and surface models (DTM, DSM). TerraModeler creates surface models from points in TerraScan UAV. The software offers versatile visualization options including colored shaded surfaces, contour lines, grids, profiles, colored triangle nets, elevation texts, slope directions and textured ground surfaces (in combination with TerraPhoto UAV). Completed with various export options, TerraModeler UAV is a versatile tool for many kinds of design and modeling tasks.


TerraMatch UAV is a sophisticated tool for improving the accuracy and quality of the raw laser point cloud. It compares laser data from overlapping flight paths and calculates correction values for the misalignment angles as well as xyz location errors.TerraScan WizardincludesMatch passes stepwhich mitigates mismatches between overlapping flight paths, improving internal accuracy of the point cloud. The step applies feature-to-feature matching -approach, searching for tie lines, correspondence observations between strips and minimizing the mismatch between observations.


TerraPhoto UAV is developed for processing images captured together with laser data during a survey mission. The software enables the production of rectified images and ortho mosaics based on ground model that has been extracted from the laser data. The positioning of the source images can be refined by using tie points for image-to-image adjustment while ground control point can be involved for improving the absolute accuracy of the image block. With additional functionality, such as color adjustment options, the creation of selection shapes for several object types or areas (e.g. buildings, water), the inclusion of vector models for true-ortho photo production, TerraPhoto lets you create ortho photos of good positional and color-coordinated quality.