Direct Drive Tech – TITA
Direct Drive Tech – TITA
Direct Drive Tech – TITA
Direct Drive Tech – TITA

Direct Drive Tech – TITA

The Tita robot is a wheeled bipedal robot with perception, cognition and decision-making capabilities. Tita improves upon Direct Drive’s previous robots; increasing it’s degrees of freedom from 6 to 8, this means that Tita can both wheel around or walk. The smooth all-in-one shape and strong customisation makes Tita highly adaptable.


編輯日期: 22/08/2023

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Two walking methods: wheeling&stepping

TITA Bridge

A universal attachment system allowing quick installation of any external accessories

(Include software and hardware)

TITA Terrain Awareness

Using a binocular structure scheme, the system can collect real-time 3D data of objects, achieving mm-level accuracy and high stability. At the same time, it has strong resistance to environmental light interference and does not require special lighting

Autonomic Decision-making System

The perception, obstacle avoidance, and positioning capabilities brought by multi-sensor fusion


Motion protection and unlimited endurance fully ensure your usage experience.


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