Enabot Ebo X Smart Familybot
Enabot Ebo X Smart Familybot
Enabot Ebo X Smart Familybot
Enabot Ebo X Smart Familybot
Enabot Ebo X Smart Familybot

Enabot Ebo X Smart Familybot

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Meet EBO X, your smart guardian. EBO X is a three-in-one home device. It is a moving home bot with Alexa Built-in & V-Slam navigation, a 4k stabilized camera with color night vision and a premium speaker with Harman AudioEFX.

Smart Mapping

With V-SLAM technology, EBO X can intelligently map your home and divide it into diferent sections. Once users name each section, EBO X can navigate to a speciic section as needed.


When EBO X is in low battery, it will go back to the charging dock and recharge itself.

4K Stabilized Camera

EBO X has an 8-meeapixel ultra low-light sensor and the super large 106 degrees FOV. The vertical angle is adjustable within a range of 104 degrees.

Elderly Fall Alert

EBO X can be set to detect fall-down of elderly during auto-cruising. It will send alerts through 3 optional ways to ask for help, if it detects an elderly person fall.

Harman AudioEFX

Powered by Harman, EBO X gives you a premium  audio experience when playing music or other  audio contents. 

Alexa Built-in

EBO X can easily connect to your Alexa account. It allows you to control IoT devices at home and catch up vast entertaining content.

EBO X is Three Home Devices

A moving home bot with Alexa Built-in & V-Slam navigation. A 4k stabilized camera with night vision. A premium speaker with Harman AudioEFX. 

How Intelligent EBO X is?

Home is where EBO starts from. The powerful X3M chip, based on a speedup processing dual-core BPU, coupled with tens of thousands of hours of training data, makes EBO X the most intelligent moving homebot.

Smart Mapping²

Smart Mapping can provide EBO X with autonomous & accurate movement ability. Upon first use, EBO X will travel through your house using V-SLAM technology. This will allow EBO X to travel anywhere in the house.*EBO is not currently able to build its map on loose carpets over 5mm in height.


Equipped with two direct-driven in-wheel motors and effective algorithms, EBO X ensures flexible mobility and high-precision motion control. EBO X can move around your home with ease and turn 360 degrees smoothly.*Maximum Movement Speed: 1.5 m/s *Obstacle Surmounting Height: No more than 10mm *Climbing Angle: No more than 15 degrees

4K Stabilized Camera

EBO X’s 4K camera is one-axis stabilized, and the vertical angle is adjustable within a range of 104 degrees. EBO X has an 8-megapixel ultra low-light sensor and provides the super large 106-degree FOV.

Smart Tracking

If your child says "EBOEBO, follow me!", EBO X will follow him or her anywhere it can reach, just like a loyal companion. The child EBO X follows will always be in the center of the image.

Sound Source Location

When you talk to EBO X, it will turn in your direction and listen to you face-to-face. Have fun talking!


When EBO X’s battery is running low, it will return to a charging dock and recharge itself.

EBO X is Your Family's Protector

Positioned as a "smart guardian", EBO X provides essential features for users when they're away from their family members, enabled by Auto Navigation and AI Face Recognition technology.

Elderly Fall Alert

EBO X can be set to detect the fall-down of an elderly during auto-cruising. If detected, it will send alerts through 3 optional ways to ask for help.

Crying & Call-for-Help Alert

If your child is crying, EBO X will detect it and trigger an App call to you. Besides, EBO X will inform you through the App call if anyone at home is experiencing an emergency and calls for help. (*Effective distance = 10~15 feet)

Facial Recognition & Medication Reminder

Even if you don't live with your elderly loved ones, you can still take care of them. Just set a new "Medication Reminder" task for EBO X in the EBO HOME App. At a scheduled time, EBO X can find the loved one by facial recognition and remind them to take their medication by voice. *Facial recognition function requires saving face information in advance.

Designated Zone Trespassing Alert

EBO X can guard certain dangerous or private areas which you don't allow anyone to approach. When someone enters a restricted area without permission, an intrustion alert will be sent to you through the EBO HOME App.

Fixed-Location & Auto-Cruising Security

EBO X can secure your home against intruders. Once it detects any abnormal movement, EBO X will notify you in the App.

EBO X is Your Family's Companion

As a smart companion that keeps the users and their loved ones connected remotely, the EBO X allows you to start a real-time two-way conversation via the EBO Home App with great clarity supported by the 4K Stabilized Camera.


The EBO HOME App provides a new way of interacting with your robot. You can check EBO X's real-time working state, control it's movements, set tasks, change settings, take photos/videos, receive reminders/messages, and so forth.

Real-Time Two-Way Communication

With EBO HOME App, you can start a two-way conversation with your family at home, even if you're away. Your family can also call you directly through EBO X. Just have your son or daughter say, "EBOEBO, call Daddy!" and EBO X will initiate a video call for you.

Leaving a Voice Message

When you want to leave a message with your family, just type the text message through the EBO HOME App. EBO X will convert the text into a voice message, find the intended recipient, and speak to him or her face-to-face.

Family Log-in

EBO X supports multiple family members to log in. It allows up to 5 members to join the chat in EBO HOME App. During online chatting, everyone can see what EBO X sees, allowing families to always feel together and share every precious moment with happiness.

Daylight & Night

Mostly robots and cameras can only show a black-and-white image at low light, but EBO X can present a colorful image thanks to more powerful night vision sensors.

Smart Personal Assistant

We all need a reminder now and then. With EBO X, you can set a new task linked to a speciic person in the EBO HOME App. EBO X can easily deliver diferent voice messages to each family member you need to remind of something. EBO X helps your family stay organized and entertained.

The Perfect Pet Companion

EBO X is also designed to keep your pet's company. EBO X can take low-angle photos of your furry family members—like your pet's personal photographer.