Vision and Mission

The development of aerial drones has been making huge strides in recent years. In addition to aerial photography, drones are being employed in various professional aspects such as surveying and mapping, inspection, search and rescue, security, and are bringing about earth-shaking changes to all industries. In the foreseeable future, the demand for professional drone pilots would definitely soar. As an integral part of the drone industry, it would be our target to train professional drone pilots to have first-class standards in flight skills, related knowledge, internalizing local regulations, and has the ability of project planning in Hong Kong. Only when the number of local pilots rises, the application of drones would bring along change and evolution to various industries by raising operation precision and safety.

Our certificate courses are the combination of instructors with years of practical experience, professional and suitable equipment, and learning materials designed by DJI. Since its establishment in 2013, OTG has trained more than 1,000 local pilots. In the combination of theoretical and practical lessons, students not only enjoy every minute of the course, but more importantly, they can comprehend and digest the operational skills and knowledge of drones in the process. Working hard in training every day, we humbly would like to work hand in hand with the local industries to achieve our ideals.

Training facilities

Indoor lectures

We have a dedicated training room in our office, for lecture session of various courses.

Outdoor training

We have a dedicated training base in Yuen Long, the 50K sqfeet base is suitable for training of various level and drone models.