Terms of Online Sales

Terms of Online Sales
  1. Exchange of merchandise will not be accepted unless the product does not function properly upon purchase.
  2. Should the same merchandise is not available, merchandise will be exchanged to the item(s) at the same value; for those exchanging item(s) that have higher face value than the original merchandise, you will be responsible for the payment of price difference(s); no refund for difference(s) of price if you exchange to the item(s) that the face value is lower than the original merchandise.
  3. Exchange will not be accepted after 7 days from the date of delivery.
  4. Full undamaged packaging is required when exchange.
  5. Exchange will not be accepted on items in any way damaged, altered or modified.
  6. Merchandise for exchange must be in good and new condition (i.e no scratch, crack or dent, etc.).
  7. Exchange will be applied to online sales on OTG OnTheGo Limited official website only.
  8. No refund will be accepted.
  • Note 1: The customer accepts our terms as above upon purchase of our distributed products online. OTG reserves all the right to the interpretation and explanation to the terms of exchange.
  • Note 2: The customer agrees to our estimated shipment date and online sales terms upon payment. NO EXCHANGE or REFUND will be accepted prior the estimated shipment date.
  • Note 3: Exchange is NOT applicable to demo clearance items