KiCA Percussion Foot Massager
KiCA Percussion Foot Massager
KiCA Percussion Foot Massager
KiCA Percussion Foot Massager
KiCA Percussion Foot Massager

KiCA Percussion Foot Massager

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NEW RELEASE, NEW DESIGH! Just 15 minutes a day, A healthy life begins with your feet!

KiCA Foot Massager

Your Feet Master!

A Healthy life begins with your feet

Foot massage was originally introduced to ancient Chinese traditional medicine more than 4,000 years ago.The five organs and six internal organs of the human body have corresponding projections on the bottom of the feet.There are more than 60 acupuncture points on the bottom of the feet,and regular massage of these can promote the body's qi and blood flow,up and down,balance yin and yang,help to achieve the effect of body conditioning.

Deep stimulation of reflex zones,awaken the body's potential

Drawing on the experience of over four thousand years of restorative traditional massage techniques found within Chinese medicine, the repeated striking motion of a massage head against the acupuncture points on your feet, results in deep stimulation, awakening the body’s potential, improving wellbeing, health and fitness.

Magnetic power boost, double the magic!

Each massage head is assisted by 4 natural magnets around the head, which are capable of generating a magnetic field that helps to enhance the bio-electromagnetic energy of the body's meridians, improve blood circulation and promote metabolism.

Thoughtful design, all round comfort

With a simple open design, the 6 massage rollers stimulate your foot muscles with each movement. Trigger your acupuncture points by lightly moving your sole, for all-over relief from foot fatigue.

Simple operation, control with one foot

A roller key allows you to switch between modes without ever bending down. Use your toes for simple hands free operation.

Powerful but gentle when you need it

The high-frequency mode produces powerful strikes to the soles of your feet, resulting in the deep stimulation of your acupuncture points, reducing lethargy, stress and promoting strong physical fitness.The low-frequency comfortable beat mode effectively reduces fatigue, promotes blood circulation and revitalizes the muscles.


The sleek compact design can be used hands free so it’s ideal for use at the office, the bedroom, car, or anywhere else you want to enjoy that comfortable feeling!Available in two colour options,grey or beige.Stylish and simple.

Just 15 minutes a day for comfortable, healthy feet!

Only have a short break? It’s ready to use whenever you’re ready, get a professional massage anywhere.

Office Massage

Body Relax

Travel Relax

Elderly Care

Healthy Gift

Home Massage

Not just a foot massager,unlock new ways to use

Our massager is not just limited to your feet,use it to relax your lumbar spine or calf's.

Low back massage

Calf massage

Hip relaxation