Enabot Ebo Air Smart Familybot
Enabot Ebo Air Smart Familybot
Enabot Ebo Air Smart Familybot
Enabot Ebo Air Smart Familybot

Enabot Ebo Air Smart Familybot

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EBO AIR, Your Smart Companion

AI-powered Moving Cam For Indoor Security



Remotely Connects with Your Loved OnesBuy Now

AI Technology


Sensor Integration

Camera/position sensor/infra-red/distance sensor/micro-phone.


Wifi/P2P transmission.

Tumbler Design

Rolling at any angle will eventually return to normal.


Three-sided TOF, it will stop automatically when it encounters dangling when advancing.

Super Silent

Brushless motor wheel technology enables the machine to walk silently.

EBO Air, Meet Your Needs Easily

Have you ever thought about getting the dynamics at home and accompanying your family without being there personally? Are you worried about the elderly living alone, children at home and naughty pets? EBO series can easily meet your needs. This is a security robot that can be remotely controlled by a mobile phone App. It can move around the house. With EBO, you can check real-time situation in every corner of the house. You can also use EBO to accompany your family and make interaction. At the same time, you can also set a time for automatically cruise, any abnormal situation will be pushed to your phone.

Full House Mobile Monitoring | Remotely Connects with Your Loved Ones

Caring for Family Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you are going to work, school or traveling on business, you can view every corner of the home through EBO's 1080p HD camera, you may turn on the voice button to chat with family members, play with your pet, and participate in every aspect of your family life.

Moveable in Full House, Real-time Monitoring

EBO, as a family robot companion that can move around the house, which has real-time monitoring functions, supports playback and multi-account login, gets rid of the limitation of charging cables, and can reach every corner of the house.

Unique Function of Air Version

EBO can intelligently recognize and follow the nearby human and pet, one simple touch and EBO will automatically track the selected target. In AI, EBO can actively capture and shoot video clips related to the selected subject.

Close Range Auto-Recharge, All-day Companion

EBO Air is equipped with a one-touch auto-recharging feature which allows it to return to its charging dock automatically. Moving EBO Air to a clear space within 2 meters of the front of the charging dock before initiating this feature.

Automatic Patrol, Alarm for Changes

EBO is a responsible home companion. At the set time, EBO will come out of the charging pile for home patrols. The high-performance TOF sensor will prevent EBO from bumping. The system will automatically detect the abnormally moving objects in EBO's view and notify through the mobile phone App.

EBO App Works Perfectly

EBO is a free download application used to control your EBO and designed for companionship. Now it covers all mobile platforms.