Spirit Torino TITANO 半封閉式動圈頭戴耳機
Spirit Torino TITANO 半封閉式動圈頭戴耳機
Spirit Torino TITANO 半封閉式動圈頭戴耳機
Spirit Torino TITANO 半封閉式動圈頭戴耳機
Spirit Torino TITANO 半封閉式動圈頭戴耳機
Spirit Torino TITANO 半封閉式動圈頭戴耳機
Spirit Torino TITANO 半封閉式動圈頭戴耳機

Spirit Torino TITANO 半封閉式動圈頭戴耳機

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Titano Hi-Fi Semi-Closed-Back Headphones

The semi-closed headphone Titano was born at the end of a lengthy analysis of the world of listening through headphones.

Andrea Ricci in this project changes his design approach from the pure research of a faithful sound reproduction, to an acoustically tailor-made product able to adapting to the customer’s needs.

The Titano in fact can pass from a My-fi responsible in audiophile key to a reference tool for the sound professional.

An important reasoning has also been devoted to the use of the “Headphone” instrument itself, defining a semi-closed design that allows the enjoyment of the acoustic advantages of an open system while leaking 50% less sound outside the headphone.


This setting allows the user to keep a realistic listening volume without disturbing who is near, and at the same time creates an art of high range background noise action essential to fully appreciate the sound details.



Another important aspect of this project is that, unlike the top of the line Twin Pulse that fits as the soloist into the audio chain, this new project was born to help the amplifications express themselves at their best.

The Titano’s VPS system, besides varying the low frequency response, also changes the compression levels inside the acoustic chambers, better adapting to the driving characteristics of different types of amplification.

A tubes amplification for example will be made comfortable by a completely open configuration, while a current amplification to express its high materic sound will like a more partialized configuration.

In addition, the Titano’s combination of sensitivity and impedance allow even low-power systems to deliver a convincing reproduction of music. 


Andrea Ricci in this project changes his design approach from the pure search for a faithful reproduction of sound, to an acoustically tailored product able to adapt to customer needs.



The particular combination of the frame structure and the pads equipped with the VPSsystem is designed to generate a frontally projected soundstage and to create a scan of the sound layers, to let you perceive a difference between the sounds coming from up close, such as a solo instrument, and those coming from far away, such as the applause of the audience, without losing the perception of every detail.


A concentration of technology at the service of music

Titano is made entirely of aluminum and provides for a complex management of pressure flows through specially designed and filtered ducts to guarantee comfort and acoustic insulation.

A powerful engine is at the secret of our headphones

You will listen to your favorite music from an all-Italian perspective, characterized by a passionate, explosive and refined sound.

Our new high-performance drive is treated against resonance with Dynamat Tm and thanks to our VSP pad makes the transient response of the Titano very fast.

A strong neodymium magnet makes music more vivid

Titano's Spirit drives are loaded with an additional powerful magnet with a magnetic thrust of 3.8 kg.

The acoustic resolution of a Titano will amaze you without tiring you

By increasing the magnetic flux acting on the voice coil, it improves the weight/power ratio with respect to the voice coil.

You will have the feeling that the music comes to life, the sounds will be more defined and you will perceive every detail even in pianissimo.
Thanks to our anti-reflection and anti-resonant treatment with Dinamat Extreme you will be able to perceive the smallest sound details even at realistic volumes.

Open headphones? Semi-open or closed headphones? Spirit helps you choose the one that best fits your needs.

Open headphones offer maximum naturalness and openness of the sound but do not isolate from external noise and leak sound towards the outside.
Semi-open headphones are open headphones with screens to partially limit the transmission of sound to and from the outside. the sound remains very airy and natural and you can listen without bothering those around you.
Closed headphones create noise isolation from the outside world, are characterized by a large extension of the low frequencies but are less natural and lose that airiness that makes you forget that you are wearing a headphone

Our headphones are tuned like a musical instrument

When you listen to Spirit Torino headphones you will immediately realize one thing: the naturalness of the sound.
Many classical and jazz musicians collaborate in the development of our headphones to compare the real sound with our binaural recordings

A listening committee made up of Spirit technicians, musicians and audiences, periodically carry out direct comparisons during musical events promoted by Spirit to ensure that you are listening to a product that is dedicated to just music and not the result of market research.

Materials’ quality and research are in our DNA


We have developed the Titano ear-pads in strict collaboration with Dekoni, the leading headphone ear-pads manufacturer.

Shape, tilt, surface treatment … nothing has been left to chance.
But the choice of materials is the real highlight of this project.

  • Very finest leather for the side surfaces, identical to that used for headbands
  • Alcantara for the part that rests on the ear.

Alcantara, besides being a product of excellence Made in Italy, guarantees an exceptional performance package: you will realize that when wearing the headphones for several hours.


The Titano incorporates all the design aspects derived from the Radiante that allow you to listen to music in complete comfort even in difficult environmental conditions.
High performance materials such as alcantara (R)and the careful design of the pads allow the VPS system to ventilate the ear chamber while maintaining an optimal level of heat and humidity.


A listening session with the Titano never leaves one indifferent, its natural inclination to rhythm involves the listener making him or her soon stomp their foot along with the music.

The Titano prefers a passionate approach to music, accompanying the user on an overwhelming musical journey.


At Spirit we think of the customer as a gentleman driver, to be followed in his musical refinement path, offering an upgrade service that  guarantees to our customers the preservation of their investment.
The continuous dialogue between company and customers has allowed us to introduce significant upgrades, such as the Alcantara (R) pad and the VPS (Ventilation Pad System) that opens to a responsible My-Fi, making an advanced design, for the first time, fully exploitable even by non-professional users.

Spirit cabling is an integral part of the project

We devote a lot of attention to the development of the cables because they greatly influence the final tuning of our headphones.

The delicate balance that will allow you to hear the timbre of a Stradivarius or the stringing of the skin of a drum has been fine-tuned through hundreds of listening hours.

In the Titano you will find excellent quality wiring made in collaboration with the prestigious Portento Audio of Turin.

You'll experience greater channel separation and better sonic transient response with our balanced terminations.

Please indicate your wiring preference in the order:

Torino 1706 Edition
Historical design and references

In designing the Torino 1706 versions, Andrea Ricci wanted to pay homage to our city and the heroic acts of Pietro Micca.

Every detail of these headphones is handcrafted in Italy

You can choose the tattooed headbands in both black and brown versions

A mix of numerical control and craftsmanship will bring you into the Spirit world