Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機
Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機
Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機
Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機
Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機
Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機
Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機
Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機
Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機
Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機
Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機
Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機
Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機
Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機

Spirit Torino VALKYRIA TITANIUM 頭戴式耳機

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Music, Passion and Titanium


A titanium sculpture for the most powerful Twin Pulse engine ever made


A powerful engine is at the secret of our  headphones.

Every aspect of this project was designed for a single purpose
Establish a new standard for headphone listening regardless of the technology used.
The two drive revolvers, with their exceptional weight / power ratio, each generated by 13 powerful neodymium magnets, arranged in such a way as to concentrate all the magnetic flux on the moving coil, are able to push the patented isobaric motor unit, until every more small sound detail up to the threshold of audibility, so much so that it was necessary to select electronic partners with an absolute black background.

Extension and harmonic richness

Twin Pulse designs featuring the powerful Revolver drive are characterized by uncommon analysis capability.

The very high power-to-weight ratio of the Revolver drive allows you to describe and deconstruct the composition of the audio mastering process in the smallest details.


Operative silence

Another typical effect of the Valkyria and Pulsar power units consists in maintaining a high acoustic resolution even at the limits of hearing, allowing you to perceive those precious ambient contributions that our brain will process, giving you the illusion of really being there.

Listening to the Pulsar system in a sensory deprivation regimen will give you the sensation of truly being where the music was born.

Power is useless without control.

The new grade 5 titanium frame represents a culmination of our concept of inertial frame, with a double stiffness compared to previous frames, allowing for an acoustic focus and a simply impressive placement in the three-dimensional space of the sound event.

In silence you will be able to perceive every little sound detail thanks to a much wider dynamic range than the competition. 

The speed of the sound transients is the strong point of our isobaric motor group and will allow you to distinguish each instrument even in full orchestral sounds.



The most advanced pad system in existence

The Ventilation Pad System Evo, made of Alcantara, leather and Texalium, with its complex structure that includes an acoustic labyrinth, the pressure relief of the ear chamber and an ear height register, represents the most refined and efficient system ever designed for a headphone, able to eliminate the feeling of having a headphone on your head, but simply of the music around you



We have developed the Valkyria ear-pads in strict collaboration with Dekoni, the leading headphone ear-pads manufacturer.

Shape, tilt, surface treatment … nothing has been left to chance.
But the choice of materials is the real highlight of this project.

  • Very finest leather for the side surfaces, identical to that used for headbands
  • Alcantara for the part that rests on the ear.

Alcantara, besides being a product of excellence Made in Italy, guarantees an exceptional performance package: you will realize that when wearing the headphones for several hours.


The Valkyria incorporates all the design aspects derived from the Radiante that allow you to listen to music in complete comfort even in difficult environmental conditions.
High performance materials such as alcantara (R)and the careful design of the pads allow the VPS system to ventilate the ear chamber while maintaining an optimal level of heat and humidity.

Spirit cabling is an integral part of the project

The wiring of the Valkyria, light and very flexible, deserves a separate chapter. The precious signal is transported by a dual wiring structure, totally symmetrical, made of a perimeter braid composed of 16 pure silver cables and a coaxial core of copper ofc cable per channel, developing a total of 36 cables that are soldered with tin to silver directly to the revolver drives in order not to lose efficiency in the transport of current.


The internal connections between the drives are made of silver with an adequate section.
The connections to the amplification alternatively use the best rhodium-plated Canon Furutechs, with standard 4-pin xlrs or the precious double 3-pin xlrs.


The incomparable quality of fixed wiring

If you want the most from your headphones, the professional cable is the right choice.

Fixed wiring has many advantages

  1. In a fixed harness there are 2 fewer solders.
  2. there is no connector contact problem.
  3. you can use a wiring of very large sections that make the bass experience much more engaging.
  4. It is much more durable and stable.

Open headphones? Semi-open or closed headphones? Spirit helps you choose the one that best fits your needs.
Open headphones offer maximum naturalness and openness of the sound but do not isolate from external noise and leak sound towards the outside.
Semi-open headphones are open headphones with screens to partially limit the transmission of sound to and from the outside. the sound remains very airy and natural and you can listen without bothering those around you.
Closed headphones create noise isolation from the outside world, are characterized by a large extension of the low frequencies but are less natural and lose that airiness that makes you forget that you are wearing a headphone
Our headphones are tuned like a musical instrument
When you listen to Spirit Torino headphones you will immediately realize one thing: the naturalness of the sound.
Many classical and jazz musicians collaborate in the development of our headphones to compare the real sound with our binaural recordings
A listening committee made up of Spirit technicians, musicians and audiences, periodically carry out direct comparisons during musical events promoted by Spirit to ensure that you are listening to a product that is dedicated to just music and not the result of market research.
TECHNOLOGY Twin Pulse isobaric System Titanium
DRIVE 2x drives Spirit revolver
MAGNETS 13,8 + 13,8 Kg 26 magnet
CABLE LENGTH 2 m integrated cable double copper + silver
WEIGTH  620 gr
PAD Leather/Alcantara + Ventilation Pad System Evo
2 years warranty Dedicated support