Enabot ROLA PetPal Full Set (Pet Companion Robot)
Enabot ROLA PetPal Full Set (Pet Companion Robot)

Enabot ROLA PetPal Full Set (Pet Companion Robot)

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Key Features

Smarter Playtime: AI-Powered Pet-playtime

Receive a daily "day-in-the-life” movie of your furry friend.
Pet-playtime videos are automatically shot, edited & sent to you.
Requires ROLA PetPal (basic version) and ROLA PetPal Interactive Toys to work together.

Playful Stick, Laser Games & Rolling Ball|9 preset actions & 7 preset sounds available in the App|Automatically captures, edits & sends precious videos ¹

Smarter Snacktime: Give Treats Automatically and Remotely

Precisely control how much you feed your pets.
Requires ROLA PetPal (basic version) and ROLA PetPal Treat Dispenser to work together.

Suitable For Pet Food & Freeze-Dried Food

Must be less than 12mm in diameter.Approx. 3-5 pieces of freeze-dried food in a single feeding 

Heavy-Duty Seal to Keep Snacks Fresh

Built-in sealing ring and concealed snack spout reseals after feeding to keep food fresh. 

AI Pet Recognition For Automatic Feeding

ROLA supports remote scheduled feeding: AI recognizes your pet, then gives them their snack at assigned times.

Automatically captures, edits & sends precious video²

Receive a daily "day-in-the-life” movie of your furry friend

AI-Powered Pet Recognition
ROLA PetPal is a personal photographer for your furry friends. ROLA will automatically snap a picture to record the beautiful moments of your beloved pets, if it recognizes your dog or cat.

Real-Time Two-Way Communication
Talk back and forth with your pet, from wherever you are

Comfort & command your pet while you’re away from home

Play pre-recorded voice commands if barking is detected

With built-in call button, pets can also say hello at the touch of a paw

Bigger Wheel Set Quieter
Brushed Gear Motor

Crossing height:15mm

Better Passability

Climbing angle: 15°

5MP Camera 2.5K UHD Quality

ROLA PetPal's camera provides 2880x1620 resolution and supports night vision. Even in the dark, PetPal keeps an eye on your pet.

Close Range Auto-Recharge
No more power anxiety. ROLA PetPal autonomously returns to its charging station within close range.

Simple & Powerful Video Editing
Create a viral reel with your furry friends – all it takes is a few clicks!

Expandable Modular Design
Will be plenty more future accessories to come. Stay tuned.

Cloud+ Subscription Service

24/7 Cloud Playback

ROLA PetPal supports scheduled recording, viewable 24/7 in the Cloud Playback.

Smart Alerts

If ROLA detects abnormal pet and human movement, barking sounds, or broken glass sounds, it will immediately send a smart alert to the owner and create a timestamp in video playback, making disturbances easy to monitor.

Daily Pet Moments

ROLA will automatically edit a 30s “day-in-the-life” video for your pet and send it to you daily. Watch a recap of your pet’s wonderful day when you return home from work.

What's In The Box?

ROLA PetPal with Storage Module *1
Charging Dock *1
32GB MicroSD Card *1

Interactive Module *1

Treat Dispenser Module *1


Product Name ROLA Pet Robot Companion
Product Model ROLA PetPal
Size 192 * 171.3 * 120mm
Weight Main Unit: 525g
Storage module: 180g
Charging dock: 141g
Snack Module: 360g
Playing Module: 254g
Material ABS+PC
Resolution 2.5 K
Camera Angle 135°
Night Vision Function Support
Speakers 2W
Roaming Speed 1.5 m/s
Motor Type Brushed Gear Motor
Climbing Angle 15°
Obstacle Clearance Height 15mm
Operating Noise In an environment of 44.7 decibels, the machine speed is modulated by 70 and the decibel meter is placed within 30cm of the robot. The operating noise fluctuates between 56.4 db and 63.7 db.
Recharge Method Infrared
Battery Capacity 3500mah
Charging Time 2.5 H
Battery Life 2-8 H
Adapter Power Rating 10W
Robot Power Rating 1.2W (successfully networked, without the camera on)
Expanded Memory Support 16G - 256G
SD Card included 32G
File Format MP4
Replacement Parts Supported

¹ AI self-editing and sending daily vlog automaticly require a subscription to the Cloud+ service.
² AI self-editing and sending daily vlog automaticly require a subscription to the Cloud+  service.

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